• Biosensors and Devices Laboratory

    Regenerative Engineering & Materials cluster at Biomedical Engineering Department

We integrate biological, chemical, and microfluidic technologies to robustly interrogate, characterize and manipulate cellular activities. We collaborate cross-disciplinary researchers to develop methods that solve pressing unmet research and medical needs. We enjoy making the design and hands-on development of microfluidic devices from scratch.

What do we do

We address major challenges in single cell functional analysis for regenerative medicine in a high-throughput manner using microfluidic techniques. Many of our experimental efforts efficiently produce large multiparameter datasets from key biological models that match well with advanced analytical methods.

Research interests

  • Harnessing small size scales and soft materials to quantitatively study biologic systems

  • Developing microfluidic systems to understand cell-material interactions

  • Designing and optimizing biosensors for high-throughput biomaterial discovery

  • Designing organ-on-chip platforms for personalized medicine

Recent Lab News

Main collaborators and partners

Prof. Jan de Boer -TU/e (NL), Prof. Jaap den Tonder - TU/e (NL), Prof. Jeroen Lammertyn - KU Leuven (BE), Prof. Johan van der Vlag - Radboud UMC (NL), Prof. Patricia Dankers - TU/e (NL), Prof. Han Gardeniers - University of Twente (NL), Dr. Vlado Menkovski - TU/e (NL), Dr. Regina Luttge - TU/e (NL), Dr. Sissi de Beer - University of Twente (NL), Prof. Albert Schenning - TU/e (NL)

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  • Building 15, Gemini-Zuid,
    Department of Biomedical Engineering
    Eindhoven University of Technology

  • PO Box 513
    5600 MB, Eindhoven, The Netherlands