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Using biological neurons for Artificial Intelligence

Using biological neurons for Artificial Intelligence

Introduction | We are excited to present a unique opportunity to ambitious young minds in the Biomedical Engineering department. As part of a cutting-edge project in the fascinating field of biotechnology and AI, we are seeking a motivated collaborator who is ready to venture into the world of pluripotent stem cells and neurobiology for the Master’s project. In this project, we will be diving deep into the manipulation and study of human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs). We will be differentiating these stem cells into fully functioning neurons, a technique that forms the core of advanced biomedical research and therapy [1].

Project | using biological neurons for Artificial Intelligence

Our objective is not only to master these complex cell culture techniques, but also to apply them in a thrilling and novel area: Using biological neurons for the purpose of Artificial Intelligence. We are indeed at the crossroads of bioengineering and computer science, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in both fields.

What can you gain from this opportunity? You'll acquire an important transversal skill set that could open the door to a wide array of industrial applications, including pharmaceuticals and medical technology, such as the emerging new field of electroceuticals. With this knowledge, you'll be equipped to contribute to high-profile projects, pioneering advances in regenerative medicine, personalized precision therapy, and, of course, the promising field of bio-AI.

Goal | milestones and achievements

To thrive in this project, you'll need more than just having completed your first year of Masters. A keen interest in biotechnology, curiosity to push the limits of your knowledge, and an enthusiasm for innovation are all essential. We highly value traits such as strong attention to detail and a perfectionist's approach, as these qualities can often make the difference between good and excellent work in a lab setting.

Furthermore, experience or skills in chemical and/or biological lab work will be greatly beneficial, as you'll be working in a hands-on lab environment. If you're always the last one to leave the lab because you're fascinated by the endless potential of your petri dishes, this could be the perfect project for you!

If this sounds like your kind of challenge and you're excited about forging your path in the rapidly advancing field of biotechnology and you are not easily discouraged, we can't wait to hear from you. Let's dare to reimagine the future together.


  • Brett J. Kagan, et al. (2021) In vitro neurons learn and exhibit sentience when embodied in a simulated game-world.