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8QA11 OGO Tissue damage: simulate, visualize and analyze

as a responsible lecturer

This course focuses on the investigation of the consequences of damage on load-bearing muscle and tendon tissues, in the context of tissue composition, structure and organization. The course has the challenge-based learning part for the background theory and wet-lab part for the practical training. Undergraduate course (3rd year).

8LC00 Applied cell biology

as a tutor lecturer
The course aims to trigger the creative thinking towards innovative solutions for real biomedical engineering problems. The course has a multidisciplinary character, composing elements of molecular cell biology, biochemistry, physiology, and mechanobiology. We apply challenge-based learning techniques as the main teaching strategy while wet-lab experiments are also offered. Undergraduate course (2nd year).

8LEU01 Digital Twins in Healthcare: Conceiving Phase

as a responsible lecturer

This course explores the scientific, technical, ethical, managerial and entrepreneurial role of the contemporary engineer in modern society. We begin by presenting how digital twins can be used in the healthcare system and how their use as a USE (user, society, enterprise) learning line can be a robust platform to transfer technical and humanistic skills to the undergraduate students. The students learn how to collect medical information to build a digital twin organ model by programming. Undergraduate course (2ndyear).

This course has been run since Q1 (September-November) 2020 on a yearly basis.

8P380 Lab on a chip Microdevices

as a responsible lecturer

The course focusses on microfabrication techniques and applications of microfluidics for biomedical engineering-associated applications. We collaborate with companies dealing with microfluidics-involved problems as case owners for the laboratory part of the course.
This course is officially offered from February 2023. It is a level three course offered to both bachelor and master students in biomedical engineering and mechanical engineering departments.